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An improved Log Work dialog in Tempo 7.4

Logging work with Tempo for JIRA has never been easier. Tempo 7.4 introduced three notable changes to the Log Work dialog to help users identify sub-tasks, to quickly locate their watched issues, and to easily input their worked time and billed time.

Let’s take a look at these new features, shall we?

1.  Select sub-task option added

Now, when a selected JIRA issue has any sub-tasks associated with it, a sub-task field will display below it in the Log Work dialog, as shown below. If a sub-task is selected, the indicator is displayed in the sub-task line to give the user a better view of the issue used to log work on. It’s an easy, simplified way to accurately log work for that particular issue. Cool, right?

Tempo user log work watched select subtask

2.  Watched issues added to Tempo Log Work dialog

Users can now easily search for watched issues directly in their Tempo Log Work dialog. If the selected issue has a sub-task associated with it, another field is displayed which also shows these sub-tasks — again, saving you time and energy from having to first manually search for them elsewhere.

Tempo user log work watched subtask selected

If applicable, any sub-issues attached to a JIRA issue will appear, as shown below.

Tempo user watched issues

3.  Pretty-time and Billed fields added

The Remaining estimate, Original estimate, and Logged time in Tempo’s Log Work dialog are now displayed in ‘pretty-time’ format. If a user has worked 1 ½ hours on an issue, it will now display as 1h 30m and not simply 1.5.

Moreover, if the Billed feature is enabled, the Billed field now appears below the Worked field, allowing users to identify what amount of worked time may be billed to a client or customer.

Tempo log work dialog

These new features have been added in response to user feedback and suggestions, which we always appreciate. If there’s something you’d like to see in Tempo, feel free to add your idea to our Feedback page and allow others to vote on it. Ideas with the most votes are generally added to Tempo first.

You can view other features, improvements, and bug fixes that were added to Tempo 7.4 in our last blog post announcing this new release, and also take a look at our Release Notes for this version.

Tempo 7.4 is now available for JIRA download via Atlassian’s Marketplace.

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