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7.4.3 And a Holiday Gift From the Tempo Team

I am super excited to tell you that the Tempo team is working hard on Tempo 7.5, which will be the most significant release of Tempo since its release of feature-packed 7.0.

To celebrate the holidays early, we want to give you an early gift that includes two great Agile features from Tempo 7.5 that we have backported to Tempo 7.4.3.

Agile Time Tracking

We love the new GreenHopper — it really helps us to reach the level of agility needed to push out the incredible number of Tempo releases. In fact, Tempo 7.4.3 will be the 20th release (including six major releases) of Tempo this year.

Since GreenHopper 6.0, our users have been asking for deeper integration with Tempo. I am happy to introduce the first batch of integrations between Tempo and Rapid Boards, which will enable Agile teams to do their day-to-day time-tracking without ever leaving their rapid board.

Scrum Masters can now log work for the entire team in GreenHopper

Many Agile teams want to keep track of actual time spent, but that can be cumbersome, especially when every team member needs to enter time into JIRA issues. This need is not a new one, and is one of the popular requests in JIRA.

“Needed for when you do stand-ups using the [GreenHopper] plug-in! Really annoying to all be looking and moving tasks on one board, then having to go "everyone log work after the meeting"!”

With Tempo, you can now do the entire time-tracking ritual on the stand-up directly in GreenHopper using the improved Log Work dialog. This is accessible directly in the GreenHopper issue view (keyboard shortcut: press period and then type l (lowercase L) for log work). The dialog includes a simple-to-use user-picker that allows the Scrum Master to select which user performed the work.

Users with log work permission can log work from the issue action list in the GreenHopper Quick View.

Admins can log work in Tempo on GreenHopper Rapid Board

Logging work has never been this easy. If you are not already tracking time in your Agile teams, then this is a great opportunity to make an “áramótaheiti” (New Year's resolution) and start keeping track of all spent time.

Access Time Tracking data directly in GreenHopper

Have you ever wanted to know where the time went into completing a story? Enter the new Worklogs tab in GreenHopper. It neatly displays all spent time on a issue on the issue view, regardless of timeframe, and can be used to display just your own time or everyone's time spent on the issue. This allows you to glimpse at the effort that went into a story without ever leaving the rapid board. If you need to dig deeper, then the Tempo Report is just one click away.

Worklogs tab for user who has access to view all worklogs in Tempo and GreenHopper

The Worklogs tab requires at least JIRA 5.1 and GreenHopper 6.0.1 (and Tempo 7.4.3, of course). You can read more about these new features in our documentation.

Stay tuned for more news about Tempo 7.5... we’ll be bringing you some good stuff in the New Year, and a sneak peek before then!

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