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Urgent JIRA 4.4 compatibility notice

JIRA 4.4 was released 2nd August 2011 with many new features, there are however changes in how custom fields are stored and created that will affect Tempo “billing key” custom field.

Updated: October 12th

With JIRA 4.4.1 and later version this issue has been fixed and JIRA and Tempo can be updated normally.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT UPGRADE TO JIRA 4.4.0 without reading the following:

JIRA custom fields of type “select” store “ids” instead of “values” in JIRA 4.4. The JIRAupgrade process updates all custom fields of type “select” with an associated “id”. The Tempo “billing key” custom field is a kind of “select” field but it should always store the “value” not the “id”. That means that the JIRA 4.4 upgrade process fails on the Tempo “billing key” custom field. Further details here

In order to migrate successfully all of your Tempo data to JIRA 4.4 you need to:

  1. You must make sure that no version prior to Tempo 6.2.7 is running when the JIRA 4.4 upgrade process runs!
  2. Upgrade Tempo to 6.2.7 on your existing JIRA 4.2 – 4.3 (NOTE JIRA 4.0 – 4.1 users must remove the Tempo JAR from their system)
  3. Upgrade JIRA 4.4 according to Atlassian instruction with the new Tempo 6.2.7

Tempo 6.2.7 was released 4th August 2011