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Time fighters in the defence of time-tracking

At the Summit 2011 for the launchpad competition we had come up with a 5 minute presentation to announce new features of Tempo 6.2. We decided to go with a Batman Gotham City theme with a good storyline. But wait, what is the correlation between Batman crusader and time-tracking? First let's explain the basics.

What is a time fighter?

Time fighters at the Atlassian Summit 2011 launchpad

A time fighter is a modern crusader that fights cumbersome processes and corporate complexity with new measures to bring lean practices to the business.

To become a great time fighter is in many ways similar to a crime fighter, you need the following:

  • Tools: Having the right tools just like Batman is crucial, we are only human like Batman
  • Data: The main strengths of Batman is not his super human ability, it is more about intelligence and the ability to analyze data to make clear decisions based on data and reporting
  • Courage: Having courage is important and never lose focus on your goals

Who is a time fighter?

We also recognize that time fighters come from different roles within any organization and are often promoted by executives. In other cases we see bottom-up time fighters from the employees that have made their case.

Can you win the battle?

Yes, while crime fighting is global and may or may never been won you however can become a winner in time fighting in your organization just by using the right time fighting tools. We also recognize the fact that everyone has a different drive or need for time tracking. Tempo for JIRA has been designed to provide a painless way to connect your organization's activities and report on them.

Watch the video and observe how you might become the next time fighter:


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