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Tempo is the best - Where are we and where are we heading

We started working on Tempo for our own internal use in late 2007, mainly to solve an internal issue involving time tracking and billing. As the product grew with internal use, we started to realize that our problems weren't unique, and our partners and colleagues expressed interest once they'd heard about our solution. We introduced Tempo as a Bronze Sponsor at the first Atlassian Summit, held in 2009.

Since we've started to develop Tempo for the commercial Atlassian JIRA market, we've been working with a single goal: to make Tempo the best time tracking plugin available, on par with none.

In order to achieve that goal, we've focused on upholding a powerful principle; “keep it simple” or KISS. We've strived to create a complete solution for JIRA that's so well integrated that users feel like they're using a single, streamlined product.

Where are We Now?

We've more than quadrupled our revenue in 2011 alone and tripled in 2010, and we've released a new version about every 6 weeks since our first commercial offering in 2009. Since day one, we've kept a tight relationship with our customers to incorporate their feedback and improve their experiences.

Some may have noticed that lately, we've started to drop the “plugin” part of the Tempo name. We believe that we've reached beyond what a plugin can do, transforming Tempo into a fully fledged application that can help users master their time and billing related tasks. We have partners around the globe that are providing services in their local markets. Tempo is now one of the plugins bundled with JIRA Studio providing greater flexibility for the hosted customers, all they need to do is turn Tempo on. This year we released Tempo 6 as our largest release with major improvements that included high level planning. We participate at the Atlassian Summit as a Gold Sponsor and we have donated close to $5,000 to Room To Read from the proceeds of the Starter Licence sales.

The Tempo team

Where are We Heading?

You'll have to stay tuned for the specifics, but currently we're committed to:

  • Building more muscle for the existing feature set;
  • Adding greater flexibility;
  • Introducing new ways to make time tracking even easier;
  • Developing innovative functionality in our labs --we're always working on something that we think will improve our customer's workplace.
  • More translations! We now have Tempo in 6 languages, with more to come.
  • We are listening to your feedback. Please feel free to send us your comments or suggestions, and tell us how Tempo has an impact on your work.

Why We Think Tempo is The Best

The steady success of Tempo from its beginnings as a homegrown solution to its current role as the driver of a sustainable business, along with the continued rave reviews from our clients, give us great confidence when recommending Tempo to new users. Tempo is now one of the most popular commercial plugins available for JIRA and has far surpassed basic plugin status with comprehensive time tracking and planning functionality. Our customers have saved money not only through our reasonable license pricing, but through improved efficiency and waste reduction. At every turn, Tempo is helping to make time tameable.