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Tempo Enjoys Third Year as Atlassian Summit Gold Sponsor

Developers, customers, and admins around the world are gearing up for the 2011 Atlassian Summit this June, and the Tempo Plugin team is excited to be an integral part of the festivities. As in the two years previous, we've taken on the role of a Sponsor, helping to support Atlassian's renowned collaborative software platform and to help ensure this year's summit is as useful and enjoyable as possible. While at the summit, we'll also be unveiling our current work on the Tempo KEN release, which will add several attractive new features to our already multi-functional plugin.

Atlassian Summit 2011 - Gold Sponsor

Tempo KEN will incorporate a number of planning capabilities for teams and individuals alike, and will improve time allocation oversight and productivity management. We'll be sharing all of the details at this year's summit, and can't wait to answer questions and discuss Tempo's future with clients and colleagues alike. Our commitment to helping make the Atlassian Summit successful is still strong, and we couldn't be more pleased about the opportunity to sponsor this important and insightful event.

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