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Tempo 6.1 Puts Your Timesheet on Auto-Mode

With each release, we've tried to bring one big feature to our users, and Tempo 6.1 is no exception. If you need to complete and sign off on timesheets weekly, Tempo 6.1 allows you to automate the process.

Introducing the Tempo Scheduler

The Tempo Scheduler is the first step in implementing the automation of tasks in Tempo, such as setting closing periods to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and sending out notifications to users.

Tempo scheduler

JIRA admins can configure the Tempo Scheduler to close, enabling logging and editing worklogs within the period.

Tempo admins can also grant a user grace period if for some reason an extension is needed.

Grace period

Introducing Team Gadget

Track your team timesheet and workflow status, modify your JIRA dashboard or wallboard, or embed in Confluence.

Team hours

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