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Preview of a new report format in Tempo

We are excited to give you a sneak-peak of the next generation reports in Tempo that we are shipping with Tempo 6.3 as a preview. The new reports will be released with Tempo for JIRA 5 and we want to give them to you early so you can try them out and give us feedback in order for us to make them even better. Users can enable the preview by selecting them under the Views menu.

The biggest change is that the reports are more tabular than before and worklog attributes have been moved to a column instead of being hidden under the worklog. The print view will also be greatly improved from the old report format.

New report format - project overview

Coloured lines break the report down to sections, such as projects or users, and drill down to the issues and worklogs. Users can click on a section to collapse all sub-sections. The new format makes it easier to get a quick overview of the logged time in JIRA and the easy editing of worklogs helps you to correct hours.

Having the worklog attributes on the right side of the worklog makes it easy to review and correct them. You can select which worklog you would like to see in the Views menu.

Views menu - Worklog attributes

With the resource planning capabilities for JIRA introduced in Tempo 6.2, it is important to review them as well as logged and/or billed time. To accommodate this, we have added a Planned column. This makes it easy to get an overview if logged time is according to allocated time. You can enable and disable Planned, Worked, and Billed hours in the report depending on what you are interested in.

Views menu - Planned, worked and billed hours

The new format enables us to introduce many exciting features for time reporting in future Tempo releases. We are very interested in learning what you would like to accomplish in the Tempo reports and your feedback is very important to us. Give the new report format a try in Tempo 6.3 and let us know what you think.

New report - project overview - bottom