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Planning in JIRA with Tempo User Timesheets

I am excited to tell you about the planning features for JIRA we have been working on for Tempo for the past several months and releasing the first batch in Tempo 6.2. I recently wrote about our vision for planning in JIRA with Tempo and this is the first post of a few that I will go into detail of what Tempo has to offer for users who want to allocate time in JIRA. We have been working hard to bring you the best possible solution to track time in JIRA and we are now moving into the planning territory with an easy to use planning capabilities for JIRA that are tightly integrated into timesheets. The new Plan Time button in timesheets provides effortless access to time allocation on project, version, and component level. The popular drag-to-select functionality in timesheets now also supports planning and is available on activities in the timesheets. Simply drag over the desired dates on an activity to plan time on it or use the Plan Time button to add a new activity to the timesheet.

Plan time in Tempo


The Plan Time button is a great way for users to schedule their vacations. We at the Tempo Team use it by planning time on a Vacation component in JIRA. For more detailed vacation management, you can create vacation versions in JIRA to limit the scope to seasonal periods. We have been trying really hard to integrate an overview of planned time in the timesheet without losing focus on logged work. The solution is to show allocation on an activity as a progress bar in activities. A fully booked date is displayed as a complete orange bar and the hours logged against an allocation are shown as a green bar, filling the bar as work progresses. The user can click on a cell at any time to get an overview of logged and planned work on an activity.

Planning in JIRA with Tempo User Timesheets

We also realised the importance of a quick overview of user’s day without leaving the timesheet. To accomplish this we have combined the total allocation for a day at the top of the timesheet and the user can click on it to get an inline overview of all logged and planned work for that day.

Inline day view

This is only the beginning on what Tempo has to offer for planning purposes in JIRA. Continue to the next post that will focus on planning for managers and how executives can get an overview of the larger picture of planned and logged work in your organisation.