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Plan Your Time in Tempo: Introducing KEN for Tempo 6.2

After the Atlassian 2010 Summit, the Tempo team came together to think about how high-level people and allocation planning could be done within JIRA or even with Tempo itself. After developing prototypes and using them in our own environment, the product started to take shape in the beginning of 2011. This new feature set was quickly given the code name KEN, which translates to "to allocate" in Afrikaans.

Our main vision from the get-go was to create a simple, yet effective, visual way to plan and track time for people and teams. KEN is focused mainly on the planning of work in project and version levels, and also for non-work related items such as vacation.

Plan people to projects with Tempo

What do we think is the difference between using KEN vs. other tools? We're certain planning will be easier and more visual for your teams, and you'll still get the ability to drill-down on information, but with agile environment changes that allow you to keep the flexibility.

We are targeting KEN for the following audience:

For Project Managers/Team Leaders/Scrum Masters:

  • Plan and map people or teams to versions or projects;
  • Have an overview of how you team is doing with your projects;
  • Auto-adjust planning according to other allocations or non-working time;
  • Track allocation efforts and inspect and adapt;
  • Set up dashboards or wallboards to compliment other information from JIRA;
  • Aid in planning for plugins such as GreenHopper;
  • Get quick indications of why allocation is failing and where people are spending their time.

For Department Managers or Executives:

  • Assess team progress -- are we over-planning or under-planning?;
  • Build dashboards in JIRA or Confluence using Tempo gadgets;
  • Precise reporting in Tempo or Excel.

For Employees:

  • Get a quick timesheet overview of the current issue and view planned work;
  • Easily plan and schedule non-working time.

Furthermore, we're hoping KEN will make planning fun and interactive and will lead to more productive practices.

Plan People on projects and versions

Plan people to version in Tempo

Lately we've been collecting feedback from early adopters, and we're making adjustments accordingly. So far, we're pleased with the feedback.

"This is really a big black hole in JIRA."

"I think you are on the right track with this - it is a feature that really is missing from JIRA."

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming major feature for Tempo in the coming weeks and visit us at the Atlassian Summit 2011 in San Francisco.

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