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Plan Teams and Iterations in JIRA with Tempo Timesheets

This is the second post on the new planning features in Tempo 6.2. I previously blogged about the planning features in User Timesheet and how they help users to plan vacations and realise what they are supposed to be working on.

We are focused on helping project and team managers to allocate members and have an overview of both planned and logged work through the Team and Project timesheets. The goal is to have a quick and easy way to plan teams, projects, and iterations in JIRA through the Tempo timesheets.

The Plan Time button provides managers with the ability to select user and they can also drag over dates on a user to quickly plan time on the user.

Team overview - Planning Teams and Iterations in JIRA with Tempo Timesheets

Managers can also access user’s logged and planned work through the inline overview and can adjust workload accordingly. The allocation status bars helps the manager realise which members are fully booked and who can take on more work. The end result is a super fast plan, track & adapt workflow for teams and projects.

We did not only integrate planning functionality into timesheets. The project page now has a brand new page called People that gives a quick overview of users that are associated to the project. It displays users that have worked or are planned on a version or a component, or allocated directly on the project. Planning functionality is also supported so that managers can quickly allocate people to the project.

People panel in JIRA

Versions are great to have time-boxed iterations in JIRA and we wanted to be able to have planned and worked time on each version accessible in one place, regardless of the time period. The best place for this is the Version page in JIRA and we have added a People page there as well. The Version People page displays the total planned and logged work for each user that participated in the version. Managers can also allocate users to the version directly from the People page.

Version people page

For historical purposes, the new version page is great to browse through released versions to compare planned and worked hours in order to adjust planning for future releases.

We hope you enjoy planning time in JIRA with Tempo 6.2 and stay tuned for future releases that will add even more planning features to JIRA.