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Manage Customer Data in JIRA with Tempo

When setting up Tempo for the first time many people get confused about how to set up the Account information for Tempo to work as expected. Many customers don’t even have an accounting system and don’t understand the need for billing keys. For those users an option to disable or hide billing features is a request that we are looking into in the near future. Until then we have simplified the Account manager to make things easier.

What is a billing key and what's it for?

To avoid confusion the terms Billing Key and Expenditure Item are different names for the same thing. A result of our effort to detach the term "billing" from Tempo for customers with no "billing systems". Now we seem to be stuck with both terms. The "billing key" has been with us since the beginning and old habits die hard. Which do you like better? Do you have a better suggestion?

To make it simple a billing key is an entity to link the expenses (hours) registered in Tempo to an account in an external accounting system. A billing key can be global and used across JIRA projects but it's more likely that you would want to map each billing key to a small set of JIRA projects. If you want you can add the billing key as a worklog attribute but you can also set the key for each JIRA issue, linking the billing key to all worklogs for that issue. Hours logged for each key can be viewed in detailed billing reports in Tempo, exported to an external accounting system, xml or excel. More information about Tempo Billing Keys can be found on our FAQ.

Tempo Admin - Account Manager

Changes in Tempo 6.3

To make the accounts set up less painful for new customers we have added an option to manage billing keys manually. Billing keys can be added and edited in the Account Manager UI. Unassigned billing keys can be deleted. This should make it really easy for new customers to test the features of Tempo and be sufficient for companies with little or no accounting needs. The switch is done by checking Manage billing keys manually checkbox in Tempo Global Configuration. Complete documentation on how to set up Tempo accounts and billing keys can be found in our Admin documentation and also on our wiki pages.

Check out this page for a complete guide on how to use the new account manager in JIRA.