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Introducing New Features and New Pricing

In a few weeks, we'll introduce new planning abilities for Tempo and JIRA, a feature set so comprehensive it deserves to be a product in itself. We have also unveiled an email scheduler with automation features allowing for the closing of timesheets and transmission of notifications, and soon support for rates and budget, a better API, and new reporting capabilities.

We've had discussions with many clients concerning whether or not to ship these new functionalities as a distinct plugin or as an integration pack with Tempo. The overwhelming majority has favored the path of keeping it all in one plugin for simplicity sake. We've done just that in addition to making Tempo more prominent throughout JIRA and other Atlassian products with the introduction of Gadgets and new views.

We feel that our pricing needs to reflect the added value Tempo is bringing to its customers. Since the introduction of Tempo three years ago, the product has grown tremendously, and now provides value to customers around the world. Therefore we're announcing the following changes in price structure:

  1. 25 User Licenses will be $500
  2. 50 User Licenses will be $1,000
  3. 100 User Licenses will be $2,000
  4. 100+ User Licenses will be $4,000

Tempo is bringing to its customers and to fuel the increased development and support effort.

Note: we will no longer offer 5 and 10 User Studio Licenses.

New prices will take effect on May 10th, so all quotes and invoices paid before May 15th will reflect current prices.

We're dedicated to developing the best time-tracking platform for our customers and to providing excellent support. We believe Tempo already provides great value to its stakeholders, and we look forward to rolling out more features for them in the future. Every month, we're releasing new Tempo improvements and enhancements, and we hope that in the process, we'll add value to your organisation, as well.