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How Tempo is Changing the Face of Time-Tracking

Part of our mission at TM Software is ensuring our products rise above modern standards to help transform the work and lives of our clients. We know Tempo has made an important impact on time-tracking throughout a variety of industries, and we're extremely proud of Tempo's ability to mesh beautifully with JIRA to form a flexible solution. Receiving feedback from our clients, however, is the greatest reward, and it can also give us direction and insight for future releases.

With this in mind, we recently asked Tempo users about their experience thus far. Organizations of every size and from around the globe were sent the same question:

"What would you tell us about the value of time-tracking using Tempo?" The answers were sometimes surprising, sometimes quite gratifying, and always appreciated. Here's what one client had to say:

"Without Tempo JIRA wouldn’t be as useful as is now. It makes JIRA a complete solution for any professional services company. We highly appreciate to see planning functionality in latest versions of Tempo as that close the gap between managing tasks, tracking efforts and billing. It’s one of the best plugin for JIRA with amazing quality."

Lukasz Chomin | Chief Executive Officer CompuTec SA

A principal aim for the design of Tempo was the creation of a single point of operation for multiple time-related tasks, something that can easily cut down on confusion and wasted administrative work. Companies like CompuTec are using Tempo to streamline their time-based tasks so they can get back to what they do best.

While functionality has always been our top priority, usability is also a key issue, and we were very pleased to receive the following testimonial:

“Time tracking is not the most pleasant job in the world. Tempo makes it easy and intuitive, and improves the JIRA standard interface considerably. The timesheet is reponsive and easy to use, the tempo reports are very handy and have no alternative in JIRA, and I expect tempo to help us with planning of time thanks to the new planning module. Tempo has made my life easier to approve and corrrect bookings of our people.”

Ronny Timmermans XeniT Solutions N.V.

A solution capable of lightening the load of today's professionals and their managers clearly has value, which is why we're glowing over XeniT's comments. Our clients are finding that Tempo doesn't merely track time --it saves time. If you've ever wished JIRA was easier to navigate or wanted your own project management suite to do more while looking great, consider Tempo's possibilities.

Great software should always fulfill its intended purposes with skill, but sometimes, exceptional products can meet the needs of even unforeseen situations, as exemplified by one customer:

"As an African NGO based in South Africa and working in many countries in Africa our need to coordinate our team and their work drove us towards JIRA and the Atlassian studio solution. With that taking off relatively well we then looked into what Time management options were available and Tempo was suggested and we implemented it. Tempo has proven to be extremely useful as a management tool allowing me to track our remote workers time not primarily for a billing purpose but more for questions around our estimations of projects and time needed to complete particular task types."

“Tempo's simple and functional interface allows me quick access to the information I need the most and that is up to date.”

Carl Fourie General Manger, Jembi Health Systems | SOUTH AFRICA

Tempo has been hailed as a driver of efficiency for many different billing-related tasks, but it's also able to serve as a core management tool for even the most challenging projects. We were pleased to hear about Tempo's positive performance in the field as Jembi Health Systems works towards improving the lives of its own clients and local communities.

How will Tempo change the way you work with time? Contact us to inquire about a license or to get a free trial and discover the opportunities our current customers are already enjoying.