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How I Saved $450,000 With Atlassian Products and Tempo

A piggy bank full of money from the savings made with Tempo

At the Atlassian Summit we met with many Atlassian customers and also those who are looking into the Atlassian space. We had countless conversations with people from companies from around the globe. The common theme was hope and excitement for Atlassian products and of course Tempo. There was one particular story that did stand out from all the different conversations.

“...honing in on the Atlassian suite figuring out that it could do at least 80% of the requirements.”

Let me introduce Bob and Patric that work for a large corporation that operates in 3 continents: Bob and Patric have been assigned on a project to find a system that can handle project management, development, scheduling and time tracking within their organization.

Bob and Patric are already honing in on the Atlassian suite figuring out that it could do at least 80% of the requirements. Patric had done a trial with Tempo and was convinced that it could be a great fit for time tracking, cost analysis, planning and scheduling.

The problem however was that Bob's boss was not convinced that a mix of Atlassian solutions and plugins such as Tempo would do the job. His main agenda was that he had already put his eyes on a much more expensive solution that was priced for $500,000.00 and that was not including the installation, training and consulting. Bob's boss is afraid that if he saves too much money for this fiscal year the IT department will have less spending on the next fiscal year.

With the Atlassian and Tempo solutions he would save at least $450,000.00 not even taking into the account the TCO over the next 10 year. We tried to inspire Bob and Patric to go back to their boss and present the Atlassian solution, they also got motivated after talking to likeminded Atlassian customers at the Summit. We wish them good luck with the exploration.