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Betware's Tempo Case Study Creates a Stir

Betware + Tempo = #winning

A leader in the Internet gaming market, development firm Betware has joined the growing group of companies speaking out about their positive experiences with the Tempo Plugin. The company, which has been enjoying steady growth for more than a decade, reached out to Tempo upon realizing that its outdated time registration and management tools simply weren't capable of functioning efficiently, or of facilitating additional expansion. Though Betware had been using Atlassian JIRA for some time with satisfaction, its time-related operations were still relegated to a separate system. From the Betware team's constant need to track projects between two disparate programs to the extra administrative overhead and confusion caused by the old system, there were many challenges to address as Betware approached the need for a solution.

Fortunately, Tempo was able to provide a single, elegant, easy-to-use answer for Betware's project managers and employees. Integrating seamlessly with JIRA, Tempo allowed for fast and fuss-free time tracking, billing, and reporting tasks that truly improved the firm's efficiency and accuracy. Enhancing project team organization and management, allowing for the creation of consistent, sensible reports, reducing issues with clients over time-based billing, cutting down on the potential for lost time, and improving data access for employees and clients alike have all been made possible with the help of Tempo's precise tools. With remarkable savings in time and frustration, there's no telling how far Betware will now be able to rise. Read the case study here.

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