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Atlassian OnDemand brings Tempo to the Cloud

TM Software proudly presents Tempo as an integrated part of the Atlassian OnDemand cloud platform. More than 1,000 customers in over 40 countries trust Tempo for their time tracking, which allows them to work smarter and deliver quality results on time and on budget. Atlassian OnDemand takes our popular time tracking and resource planning suite into the cloud, providing your team with better ways to plan, track and adapt time. This offers OnDemand with great additional features such as:

  • Painless time tracking
  • Resource planning
  • Management for customer and billing
  • Time sheet approval processes
  • Full blown API
  • Deep integration with JIRA GreenHopper

Having a fully integrated solution provides far better environment to work with time tracking, resources and expenditures. It is easy to drill down from Tempo to GreenHopper and then from GreenHopper into JIRA. Tempo quickly becomes a part of your team's or even your whole company's workflow.

Tempo - User timesheet

Why do you need time tracking?

  • Staff is logging hours in multiple systems (billing system, task system, and bug-tracking system)
  • Staff is under pressure from administrators to enter hours into the billing system while simultaneously being pressured by Project Managers to enter hours into task and bug systems
  • The process of adjusting approving time-sheets and billable hours info is tedious and time-consuming
  • Clients do not see any value in the billing sheets generated by the billing system
  • Your processes do not cohere with your agile/lean efforts
  • Staff and management are frustrated by the overall process
  • The path from hours worked, to hours logged, to hours billed is a vastly inefficient journey and requires a lot of manual entry of data
  • Financial system is not tied into the solution

"Tempo and JIRA are a great combination at any company. Even if you don't currently think you need to track time, I would strongly recommend you develop that culture. It's a culture of communicating and it helps everyone make decisions about how they use their time. The most important tool that any leader has, is simply how we use our time. If we don't know what we're doing, then we can't make decisions about how to use this most precious resource."

Michael Rainwater, Director of Engineering at Balfour

See Tempo in action in OnDemand:


Just One Click Away

Tempo is tightly integrated into the Atlassian OnDemand cloud platform. To start your journey towards painless time tracking and resource planning with OnDemand, all you need to do is to enable Tempo, which will start a 30 day free trial.

Enable Tempo - Atlassian OnDemand