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Tempo Plugin is going to AtlasCamp

This is the first part of a blog series that will introduce the Tempo Plugin Team submitted by Kristin Hreinsdottir the lead developer for Tempo. Kristin has over 13 years of development experience and has been the lead developer for Tempo for about a year and a half.

AtlasCamp 2010AtlasCamp, a conference for Atlassian product developers, will take place in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco. This will be the third year AtlasCamp is held but the first time for the Tempo Plugin team to join. Our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to send the whole team so I will be representing the team and trying to soak in all the knowledge and wisdom the conference has to offer and tell other Campers about Tempo Plugin as well.

As a Tempo Plugin developer my world revolves around Tempo Plugin and JIRA so it will be refreshing to meet other developers and see what they are up to. I hope to pick up some new tricks and get rid of old habits and see lots of new and exciting stuff from Atlassian.

Atlassians have been preparing the Campers now for weeks with a surprisingly addictive and fun game where we compete in teams for prizes and meanwhile get to know each other a bit before we meet. This last week I believe the excitement will reach its peak and we will see what people are willing to do for a backpack and an AtlasCamp Exclusive T-shirt.

With this blog alone I will earn 100 points for my team. Go GreenHopper Team - Go TempoPlugin.