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Tempo Plugin 5.2.2 release

We’ve just released Tempo 5.2.2, a release that would in most cases be minor version, but in this case this is a milestone for us. This version offers full support for JIRA Studio, and we’ve also fixed a few bugs that have been reported since the release of Tempo 5.2. A few other nice enhancements are listed below.

JIRA Studio is Fully Supported in Tempo

We've made sure that Tempo integrates nicely into the JIRA Studio both in terms of the graphical interface and navigation, as well as for data management. The overall look and feel should help you seamlessly integrate your new Tempo functionality with the work you already perform in JIRA.

JIRA Studio and Tempo

New Dialogs for Split and Move Worklogs

The dialogs for Move Issue worklog, Split Issue worklog and Log Work in the Cell have all been replaced by new dialogs that should improve the flow of your tasks and help make your experience faster and easier.

Split worklog

Give Tempo a Go

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We hope Tempo's new features bring even more benefits to your time management, and we'd love to hear from you about any new ideas for future releases.