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Skyggnir's Tempo Turnaround: a Total System Solution

Any company focused on operational and technical services needs to have a firm handle on its own organization and workflow, an issue that is sometimes made difficult by the demands and problems of outdated software, inadequate reporting capabilities, and the need to integrate several distinct systems into a central point of management. Skyggnir, a firm offering diverse services to customers in the technical and operational sectors, found itself facing multiple problems related to poor workflow, difficulty in process visualization, and inefficiency in terms of customer account handling.

Skyggnir example - Add worklog

Combining the elements of two entirely different systems used by Skyggnir's previously disconnected departments, the Tempo solution created an easy-to-use, intuitively visual way for employees to interact with their work, based on Tempo's improvements to the Atlassian JIRA system. Consolidating information and software functionality into a single convenient location, the solution has allowed Skyggnir to make dramatic improvements to its overall efficiency, and employees are finding new and better ways to spend their time as outdated and wasteful processes and procedures are replaced by Tempo's excellent control over time management.

Incorporating the unique ability of Tempo to create meaningful, accessible time management reports while also taking advantage of the clarity and efficacy of the system's account handling and ticketing capabilities has proven to be a major step in the right direction for Skyggnir. As Managing Director Friðrik Þ. Snorrason reports, the final result means even customers are happier, as their desires are more easily met and errors are significantly less frequent.

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