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Real-World Agile Workflow with Tempo and GreenHopper

In a perfect world, all agile teams would be co-located and would work together as one, going through the standard phases of becoming a “Superteam.” Such is not always the case, however, as in many organizations teams are merely groups of people who are working together, sometimes even with multiple sets of managers and supervisors. This poses a great challenge to the agile team leader when it comes to making commitments to work that depends on a variety of factors, including the various duties of team members themselves. Frequently, people have other obligations within the organization, such as working for other customers, providing support, or some other activity, or are pulled in other directions due to organizational hierarchy or demand.

Version timesheet - GreenHopper Tempo roundtrip

GreenHopper provides a quality solution for planning and demonstrating progress within an agile project, however it works only within the scope of that project and fails to answer crucial questions such as, “What is my team doing and how is their time being allocated?” With this need for more precise yet dynamic management in mind, we have bridged Tempo with the GreenHopper product, allowing you to work simultaneously with both products and answer key questions like, “What did my team spend their time on most recently?” and, “How much time are they actually committing to this project phase?” This functionality can help you build historical data and amplify learning for future planning sessions. For example, let's say you have Bob, who is the DB specialist for legacy databases. As it happens, nobody needs him full-time on their team, however once in a while teams may wish to use him for improvements of some sort. Bob tends to over-commit to the team leaders, but with the Tempo version report, team leaders can verify that Bob is being used at a pretty consistent 33%, however he tends to commit to about 10% more; Tempo's reporting allows for precise improvement, in turn resulting in greater benefits for each team (and less undue stress for Bob!).

Tempo provides version reports that are linked to and from GreenHopper, allowing you to get a detailed overview for your team, the work done each day of the project or phase as compared to other work, and a breakdown of the work done. You can also break each iteration into a detailed report to analyze all work done by individual team member, a great tool for retrospective analysis.