How Darth Vader Could Have Put the Death Star Project Back on Schedule

Let’s travel for a moment into our imaginations and pretend that Darth Vader hired Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Folio together with JIRA to manage the rebuild of the Death Star so that the Empire has an overview of how much time it takes to do the work, plan it out efficiently, and get real-time information about how much it costs to develop things along the lines of a huge laser to destroy planets.

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What’s New in Tempo Mobile

The ability to work from anywhere, anytime without sitting our desks the entire day is becoming more of a reality for most of us. With the Tempo mobile app, users are able to track and report their time on the go in Tempo Timesheets and JIRA from a single screen showing logged hours, past and upcoming Calendar events.

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Tempo Folio | Customer Success Story Placeholder

Prime Digital, Where Marketing Meets Development and Tempo Budgets and Tempo Timesheets Help Keep Project Portfolio Management Under Control

We were very happy to be able to have a chat with Christian Paredes, CEO and learn more about how they use Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets on top of JIRA for both their communications and development teams.

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