Agile Time Tracking with Tempo Timesheets: Effectively Schedule and Ensure Team Participation

As every Agile practitioner knows, an important component of Agile is to find smarter ways to work. With agile time tracking at its core, Tempo Timesheets offers a variety of reporting features to eliminate problems and enabling all teams to focus on activities to meet their goals, in every organization.

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Connecting Distributed Agile Teams: Superhuman Results Regardless of Where You Sit

Establishing and managing distributed teams is a complex challenge, but one that can be tackled if these challenges are addressed with due care. Cultural differences, time zone variations, and lack of face-to-face time contribute to the intricate nature of this model. In addition, some companies focus too much on cost-cutting objectives. To successfully manage distributed teams, it’s important to focus on people, processes, and communications.

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Tempo Timesheets tip of the month: A closer look at Tempo Timesheets permissions

For September’s Tempo Timesheets tip of the month, we’re going to cover the different permissions in Tempo Timesheets. Different permissions are provided in Tempo Timesheets to enable managers and teams to customize more granularly the information that team members can see, depending on their role on that team.

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Best PracticesRead in 6 minutes Albert Hauksson

This article is part of a blog series with our own tips on configuring your JIRA, maximizing your use of JIRA’s many features, and tailoring the platform to best suit your organization’s needs. One thing that is often overlooked when configuring JIRA is Screens and Screen Schemes and how they connect to your Issues and …

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