Tempo – changing the way you manage projects since 2007

Sometimes great ideas come from small beginnings. This is certainly true for the origin of Tempo. 10 years ago, a company manager in Iceland was faced with an issue. He needed a lean, sophisticated way to manage his team’s projects. He came across a cutting-edge, new tool named Jira (made by Atlassian). Soon after Jira …

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Folio – Tip of the Month

Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: 5 Ways to Build a Budget with the Cost Planning Features

If you’re already using Tempo Folio for JIRA, you already know how to use the product to get real-time financial information across your projects and follow the status of your portfolios and projects, which we call folios, in real-time in. You also know how to enter the planned costs of your folio, but you might not be …

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Addteq Customer Success Story

Addteq specializes in software configuration, build automation and release management, as well as developing products that automate the software configuration management process from conceptualization to build and deployment. They’ve used Tempo Timesheets to track and manage work efforts across their rapidly-growing company. Learn how…

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