Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets

How Tempo Achieves Scalable Team Budget Management with Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets

An executive needs a high level overview of what’s going on throughout their organization and to be able to easily identify trends in order to make strategic decisions. That kind of insight is only obtainable, however, if all of the users within the organization are obtaining good and meaningful data.

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Track Your Organizational Value with Tempo Accounts

Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business. Whether your business is interested in tracking work efforts for customer billing, accounting, payroll, or for budgeting and forecasting, Tempo Accounts enhances your ability to manage your progress and priorities and keep your business initiatives in sync, driving long-term value and success.

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Tempo Books Tip of the Month: Monthly budget and Fixed Budget

Before we start our July tip for Tempo Books, we should refresh our memory about Tempo Accounts. Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets share a system plugin, Tempo Accounts. As mentioned in our May tip, Tempo Accounts was initially part of Tempo Timesheets and redesigned to manage project portfolios in JIRA and make it available for other …

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