Manage Projects in Tempo Budgets for JIRA Using Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management method that some people love and others don’t. This is why Tempo Budgets for JIRA makes it really simple to choose which kind of project to create and to switch back and forth between using EVM and traditional project management techniques. Benefits of Earned Value Management Earned …

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How Darth Vader Could Have Put the Death Star Project Back on Schedule

Let’s travel for a moment into our imaginations and pretend that Darth Vader hired Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Folio together with JIRA to manage the rebuild of the Death Star so that the Empire has an overview of how much time it takes to do the work, plan it out efficiently, and get real-time information about how much it costs to develop things along the lines of a huge laser to destroy planets.

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Tempo Folio | Use Case

How to Achieve Agile Portfolio Management with the Help of Tempo Folio for JIRA

Tempo Folio for JIRA is built with agile teams in mind. It is easily customizable and flexible, just as working in the agile environment should be. Cost control, on the other hand, is often seen as an unpleasant necessity of business and rarely regarded as something that can be open and flexible, therefore making it seem “non Agile”.

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Tempo Folio | Best Practice | Placeholder

Unleashing the Project Portfolio Management Potential of Custom Fields in Tempo Folio for JIRA

Customization is crucial to be successful with any software solution and we know our customers need tools that can perfectly fit their financial project portfolio management needs. This is why we’ve recently upped our game when it comes to custom fields.

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