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Unleashing the Project Portfolio Management Potential of Custom Fields in Tempo Folio for JIRA

Customization is crucial to be successful with any software solution and we know our customers need tools that can perfectly fit their financial project portfolio management needs. This is why we’ve recently upped our game when it comes to custom fields.

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Track Projects in Tempo Folio for JIRA using Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management is a project management method that is loved by some and not so much by others. This is why Tempo Folio for JIRA makes it really simple to choose which kind of project to create and to switch back and forth between using EVM and traditional project management techniques easily.

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How AXON ID maintains transparency with their customers using Tempo Folio for JIRA

The Company Axon-ID is a Center of Excellence in Software Development and Quality Assurance. Our mission is to make our clients more competitive while reducing their risks and costs. In addition to developing customized, premium quality software, Axon-ID also offers ASKIDA, a software solution that guarantees the quality of existing and new applications. Axon-ID serves …

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