The Top Project Planning and Budgeting Pitfalls (Infographic)

When it comes to planning, executing, and finishing a project, there are always obstacles and pitfalls standing in the way. If you’re not careful, your project, and maybe even your career, could succumb to them along the way. Here are some of the most common planning and budgeting pitfalls, and some tips on how to …

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Why Do Plans Fail? (Infographic)

Our new Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA is intended to help teams better plan and flexibly manage their projects, so that plans stay on track and headed towards completion. ┬áNot surprisingly, research has shown that communication and transparency are key to any project’s success. ┬áBut why, specifically, do strategic plans often fail? Be the first …

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How Do People Spend Their Time At Work? (Infographic)

In celebration of the Tempo 7 launch, we created a fun infographic that shows who wastes time at work, how they are wasting it, and other interesting statistics. There are also some ideas for how to minimize time-wasting (and increase productivity), like creating flexibility, asking for input from employees, and using time tracking software (because …

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