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Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: 5 Ways to Build a Budget with the Cost Planning Features

If you’re already using Tempo Folio for JIRA, you already know how to use the product to get real-time financial information across your projects and follow the status of your portfolios and projects, which we call folios, in real-time in. You also know how to enter the planned costs of your folio, but you might not be …

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Are You Responsible for Customer Relationships? A Tempo Books Product Walkthrough

Tempo BooksRead in 2 minutes

The person who serves as a liaison between a company and its customers – typically, an account manager or project manager – is the person who is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service and overall client satisfaction. Join us for a walkthrough session of Tempo Books where we use JIRA, Tempo Timesheets, and Tempo Books to manage projects and customer accounts, as well as for time tracking and reporting, budget management, and billing workflow management.

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