Tempo Office Olympics 2015

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After work on a Friday in August, an informal opening ceremony of the Tempo Office Olympics 2015 took place in Reykjavik. The Tempo team was divided into six teams participating in variety of competitions.

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The Tempo Family Keeps Growing

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With success comes growth. Over the last year, we have nearly doubled in growth in our Reykjavik and Montreal offices. And, we’re still looking for successful and smart candidates.

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Tempo Mobile Team Graduates with Highest Honors

Last fall a group of students from Reykjavík University joined us here at Tempo to work on their final B.Sc. project in Computer Science. The final project offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a software development environment and get hands-on experience by collaborating on a real software development project within a specific field. …

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Women of Tempo: Solving the Gender Gap in Tech

Not long ago, in a post she penned for Medium, entitled “Where are the numbers?”, Pinterest engineer, Tracy Chou, challenged the tech industry about not only the striking dearth of women working especially in engineering roles, but also the lack of transparency when it came to actually collecting data on workforce diversity. This seemed especially …

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Innovation sprint #6 at Tempo

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During last year’s holiday season, we held yet another successful Innovation Sprint here at Tempo HQ. During our innovation sprints, we dedicate two weeks of our time to searching for new ideas and solutions, and our developers get the opportunity to work on something completely different to their usual projects. The goal is for team …

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