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Sticking it to the man at Tempo Office Olympics 2016

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After work on a Friday in August, an informal opening ceremony of the Tempo Office Olympics 2016 took place at our headquarters in Reykjavik. It also felt appropriate to have our own version of the Olympics in honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro taking place at the same time.

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5 Things we Learned From Hosting an Innovation Day

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At Tempo it’s extremely important for us to foster a culture of innovation. In an industry where things are constantly evolving and adapting, it’s crucial that we continuously improve and empower our teams and members to bring new ideas to the table. After all, our own products are all about empowering teams. Our flagship product, Tempo Timesheets, was a homegrown solution, and its worklog calendar is the result of an internal innovation project.

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Tempo Goes Incognito

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Tempo employees are masters of disguise and wore costumes at the office last week. See it for yourself and get an idea of how you can throw a fun party at your workplace and at the same time, boost employee morale.

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Embracing Equality and Diversity: A Student Visit From Tech Girls at Reykjavik University

Tempo invited 30 women studying Computer Science at Reykjavik University over for a visit at Tempo HQ in Reykjavik last month. The association, RU /sys/tur, was founded in 2013 by a few female Computer Science students at RU and is extremely important to the students as it both strengthens them and increases their confidence on the technical side. But why are so few women studying Computer Science and why do so many drop out?

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