Track Your Organizational Value with Tempo Accounts

Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business. Whether your business is interested in tracking work efforts for customer billing, accounting, payroll, or for budgeting and forecasting, Tempo Accounts enhances your ability to manage your progress and priorities and keep your business initiatives in sync, driving long-term value and success.

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Generating PDF invoices from Tempo Timesheets with the JIRA PDF View Plugin

This is a guest post by Aron Gombas from Midori Global Consulting, who recently launched a killer add-on via the Atlassian Marketplace, which extends our Tempo Timsheets add-on for JIRA. Tempo is clearly the most powerful time tracking solution for the JIRA platform. Often times, the time tracking data created with Tempo is also fed into an external invoicing system to …

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Plan, Budget, Track & Adapt with Tempo for JIRA.