What’s New in Tempo Mobile

The ability to work from anywhere, anytime without sitting our desks the entire day is becoming more of a reality for most of us. With the Tempo mobile app, users are able to track and report their time on the go in Tempo Timesheets and JIRA from a single screen showing logged hours, past and upcoming Calendar events.

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Tempo Timesheets new release

Introducing Tempo Timesheets 8.0 – Extending time tracking and reporting features for all JIRA teams

In this release, we are extending our time tracking and reporting solution for all teams using Atlassian’s JIRA with team utilization reporting, more accurate accounting and expense reports, custom price tables, enhanced billing support for teams working with customers, and improvements to the worklog calendar and timesheet approval process.

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Tempo Timesheets 7.16 is out! Introducing the New Time View and Improvements in the Worklog Calendar

For our Tempo Timesheets 7.16 release for JIRA, we’re introducing one of the most frequently requested features by our customers. Since its April launch in the Tempo Timesheets 7.12 release, our Worklog Calendar has been a huge success with our customers. We at Tempo strive to make good things even better, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the new Time View to the Worklog Calendar.

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