Tempo Books Tip of the Month: Export Data to Excel for Customer Billing

Did you know that with our recent 1.3 release of Tempo Books, you can now easily export data from your account overview each month? Many of our Tempo Timesheets users love being able to export their timesheet to Excel for further reporting, pivoting and data analysis, billing, and payroll purposes, the report exported from Tempo Books allows for a more detailed report of revenue/price associated with work performed and expenses logged.

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Track Your Organizational Value with Tempo Accounts

Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business. Whether your business is interested in tracking work efforts for customer billing, accounting, payroll, or for budgeting and forecasting, Tempo Accounts enhances your ability to manage your progress and priorities and keep your business initiatives in sync, driving long-term value and success.

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Are You Responsible for Customer Relationships? A Tempo Books Product Walkthrough

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The person who serves as a liaison between a company and its customers – typically, an account manager or project manager – is the person who is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service and overall client satisfaction. Join us for a walkthrough session of Tempo Books where we use JIRA, Tempo Timesheets, and Tempo Books to manage projects and customer accounts, as well as for time tracking and reporting, budget management, and billing workflow management.

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Introducing Better Support for Invoicing in JIRA, Customized Price Tables, and More. Tempo Books 1.3 is Here!

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This release brings us one step closer to more evolved invoicing features. As Tempo Books is aimed at account managers, the person responsible for client projects and account budgeting, the main objective of this release is to provide better support for invoicing as well as offering more flexibility in designating hourly prices for different customers. Users can now create new and custom price tables that can be used with individual accounts and linked to JIRA projects.

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