Preview of a new report format in Tempo

We are excited to give you a sneak-peak of the next generation reports in Tempo that we are shipping with Tempo 6.3 as a preview. The new reports will be released with Tempo for JIRA 5 and we want to give them to you early so you can try them out and give us feedback in order …

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Urgent JIRA 4.4 compatibility notice

JIRA 4.4 was released 2nd August 2011 with many new features, there are however changes in how custom fields are stored and created that will affect Tempo “billing key” custom field. Updated: October 12th With JIRA 4.4.1 and later version this issue has been fixed and JIRA and Tempo can be updated normally. IMPORTANT: DO …

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Tempo scheduler

Tempo 6.1 Puts Your Timesheet on Auto-Mode

With each release, we’ve tried to bring one big feature to our users, and Tempo 6.1 is no exception. If you need to complete and sign off on timesheets weekly, Tempo 6.1 allows you to automate the process. Introducing the Tempo Scheduler The Tempo Scheduler is the first step in implementing the automation of tasks …

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Integrating Atlassian JIRA using Tempo Plugin – Part 1

Bjarni is a senior web application developer and lead programmer for the Tempo Plugin. Tempo is a JIRA plugin that eases time registration, reporting, and integration with external systems. Integration is very important for most companies, as JIRA does not provide an accounting system, something essential for billing customers and tracking expenditures like sick days and holidays. This …

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Tempo Plugin looking back 2010

In 2010 we had 8 major releases with lots of new features and enhancements. Tempo Plugin 5.4 Tempo Plugin 5.3 Tempo Plugin 5.2 Tempo Plugin 5.1 Tempo Plugin 5.0 Tempo Plugin 4.5 Tempo Plugin 4.4 Tempo Plugin 4.3 Here are just a few highlights we’d like to touch upon as we reflect on the past …

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Billing Report Rebooted

The Billing Report and User Report have been updated to match the look and feel of the Issue Navigator in JIRA. This is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline Tempo’s user interface and overall experience, bringing it closer to the atmosphere and ease-of-use characteristic of JIRA. Watch the Video Watch this video to see …

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Step 6: Create PivotTable

Tutorial – How to Get Your JIRA Tempo Data into Excel Pivot Report

Sverrir has over over 3 years experience in JIRA consulting and is responsible for documentation and testing for the Tempo plugin team. This tutorial walks through the steps necessary for enabling Tempo services, creating an XML export, and then importing into Microsoft Excel. The process allows a user to create custom reports and views of …

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Version timesheet - GreenHopper Tempo roundtrip

Real-World Agile Workflow with Tempo and GreenHopper

In a perfect world, all agile teams would be co-located and would work together as one, going through the standard phases of becoming a “Superteam.” Such is not always the case, however, as in many organizations teams are merely groups of people who are working together, sometimes even with multiple sets of managers and supervisors. This poses …

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