Using Tempo Timesheets Accounts for Cost Analysis and Pre-Invoicing

Accounting information is valuable for any company, and is often considered the lifeblood of a business. But looking at business operations alone may not be a sufficient means by which to determine success. An optimal means of assessing or measuring a business is needed in a manner that provides different dimensions for work done. The …

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Tempo Tutorial

How Agile is Tempo?

The recent feature additions included in our 7.4.3 and 7.5 releases bring Tempo even further in line with the aims of Agile organizations, and their needs for efficiency, adaptability, and transparency among their teams. You can read about Agile time tracking features added in Tempo 7.4.3 here, and a general overview of Tempo 7.5 feature, …

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How Tempo’s Marketing team use JIRA, GreenHopper, and Tempo

One of the things that we take pride in at Tempo with our time tracking plugin is its versatile use. It’s not just a basic time tracking tool for development teams anymore, but can be used for so much more, including resource planning, project management, and data analysis with our new business intelligence gadgets. We’re learning …

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Tempo Case Study

How Nýherji Uses Tempo and JIRA as a Service Desk to Drive Service Excellence

We were honored to have a guest post featured on Atlassian’s blog during this year’s Summit. In case you missed it, here it is: Have you ever considered using JIRA with Tempo’s plugin as a help desk? We sat down with Þorsteinn Hallgrímsson, Service Manager at Nýherji’s headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland, to talk about what Nýherji …

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Lean Customer Development: Delivering Solutions to Your Customers on Time and on Budget

There are many things to attend to when working on multiple projects for a customer. Having an overview and the correct tools is essential to eliminate the waste of managing multiple projects, and to streamline the development process. Having accurate customer information, such as accounts and contact persons in the project management system, makes it possible …

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Introducing Tempo Labs – Outrageously Brilliant

Starting with Tempo 7.1 we have opened our door to a whole new world of outrageously brilliant future features now available in Tempo. We call this Tempo Labs, that will preview future functionality in Tempo and gives customers options to collaborate with us on improving and incorporating features into the labs. Our first candidate into …

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Tempo admin - Customer account manual overview

Manage Customer Data in JIRA with Tempo

When setting up Tempo for the first time many people get confused about how to set up the Account information for Tempo to work as expected. Many customers don’t even have an accounting system and don’t understand the need for billing keys. For those users an option to disable or hide billing features is a request …

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Integrating Tempo with your business solution – part 2

Previously I wrote Integrating Atlassian JIRA using Tempo Plugin – Part 1 – here is part 2. How to integrate – an aid to development and testing An important part of integration is of course the development and testing! The Tempo API provides 2 important features to aid developers during development and testing: Specifying the format=testData parameter to GetWorklogs creates …

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