Addteq Customer Success Story

Addteq specializes in software configuration, build automation and release management, as well as developing products that automate the software configuration management process from conceptualization to build and deployment. They’ve used Tempo Timesheets to track and manage work efforts across their rapidly-growing company. Learn how…

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Tempo Folio | Customer Success Story Placeholder

How AXON ID maintains transparency with their customers using Tempo Folio for JIRA

The Company Axon-ID is a Center of Excellence in Software Development and Quality Assurance. Our mission is to make our clients more competitive while reducing their risks and costs. In addition to developing customized, premium quality software, Axon-ID also offers ASKIDA, a software solution that guarantees the quality of existing and new applications. Axon-ID serves …

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tempo planner project management software for Atlassian's JIRA

How We Do It With Agile (Part I): Stand-Up Meetings and Backlog Grooming

With this series of posts we wish to give a step-by-step breakdown of how the Tempo Planner development team stays agile with Atlassian and Tempo products. Product development can be complex and can involve a lot of simultaneous spinning plates. Agile, when done correctly, can help you keep track of those plates. Here at Tempo, we use …

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How Icelandair’s IT team gets progress with Tempo Timesheets

  Tell us about yourself and your company My name is Bragi Baldursson and I am Head of Design for Icelandair. I oversee all configuration and equipment changes for Icelandair aircraft and third party aircraft. That involves certifying that the installations are per aviation and customer requirements. Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to …

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How ReSight ignites powers companies throughout Scandinavia with Tempo Timesheets

  TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF My name is Helene Lund Engebø, and I am a Development Manager at a company called ReSight. My main role is to manage, coordinate, and prioritize development and testing of our products. I do this based on internal and customer requirements. I am responsible for planning and managing product releases, …

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