Tempo Folio - Tutorial

New Videos: Getting Started with Tempo Folio for JIRA

In the past months we’ve added quite a lot of new features to, and improved the UI of Tempo Folio, our financial project and portfolio management add-on for JIRA. This called for some brand new tutorial videos to help jump start your Tempo Folio journey! The first theme in our series is getting started with Tempo Folio. These videos are intended …

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Tempo Books Tip of the Month: Stay on Top of Your Budget with the Expense Section

When managing customer’s account and budget, various expenses can occur every day. Depending on the context, expenses can be the lunch meeting from yesterday, new trackpad, software license purchases, or a storage space for the t-shirts. There are many reasons and benefits of keeping track of expenses, e.g.: Drive cost efficiency Better overview of spending …

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Top 10 Tempo Timesheets Features #1 (VIDEO) – Configuring your user timesheet

We recently put together a list of the top 10 Tempo Timesheets features based on an informal in-house survey and created short videos demonstrating each feature. All of the videos in this countdown will be very short. The Number 1 Tempo Timesheets feature is: User Timesheet configurations With Tempo Timesheets, users can configure their timesheet …

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