Tempo Tutorial

Pivoting Tempo and JIRA Reports Using Excel

This tutorial is the second in a four-part blog series on exporting JIRA and Tempo data to create custom reports. This has been a highly requested feature, and one that has generated a good amount of feedback and requests for further information from our users. Through this series, we have already explored how to create …

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Tempo Documentation Wiki - Welcome

Tempo Documentation in Confluence

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New Tempo Documentation Page Today we have published a new site for the Tempo Documentation using Confluence 4. Until now the Tempo documentation has been available online on our homepage for the current version and the page is updated for every new version that we release. Documentation for older versions of Tempo is available here. …

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Urgent JIRA 4.4 compatibility notice

JIRA 4.4 was released 2nd August 2011 with many new features, there are however changes in how custom fields are stored and created that will affect Tempo “billing key” custom field. Updated: October 12th With JIRA 4.4.1 and later version this issue has been fixed and JIRA and Tempo can be updated normally. IMPORTANT: DO …

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Tempo scheduler

Tempo 6.1 Puts Your Timesheet on Auto-Mode

With each release, we’ve tried to bring one big feature to our users, and Tempo 6.1 is no exception. If you need to complete and sign off on timesheets weekly, Tempo 6.1 allows you to automate the process. Introducing the Tempo Scheduler The Tempo Scheduler is the first step in implementing the automation of tasks …

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Step 6: Create PivotTable

Tutorial – How to Get Your JIRA Tempo Data into Excel Pivot Report

Sverrir has over over 3 years experience in JIRA consulting and is responsible for documentation and testing for the Tempo plugin team. This tutorial walks through the steps necessary for enabling Tempo services, creating an XML export, and then importing into Microsoft Excel. The process allows a user to create custom reports and views of …

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