Connecting Distributed Agile Teams: Superhuman Results Regardless of Where You Sit

Establishing and managing distributed teams is a complex challenge, but one that can be tackled if these challenges are addressed with due care. Cultural differences, time zone variations, and lack of face-to-face time contribute to the intricate nature of this model. In addition, some companies focus too much on cost-cutting objectives. To successfully manage distributed teams, it’s important to focus on people, processes, and communications.

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Tempo Timesheets 7.16 is out! Introducing the New Time View and Improvements in the Worklog Calendar

For our Tempo Timesheets 7.16 release for JIRA, we’re introducing one of the most frequently requested features by our customers. Since its April launch in the Tempo Timesheets 7.12 release, our Worklog Calendar has been a huge success with our customers. We at Tempo strive to make good things even better, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the new Time View to the Worklog Calendar.

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Tempo Timesheets tip of the month: A closer look at Tempo Timesheets permissions

For September’s Tempo Timesheets tip of the month, we’re going to cover the different permissions in Tempo Timesheets. Different permissions are provided in Tempo Timesheets to enable managers and teams to customize more granularly the information that team members can see, depending on their role on that team.

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Tempo Timesheets 7.14 has arrived! New and Improved Worklog Calendar user interface, configurable Suggestions Sidebar, and more…

In our Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release for JIRA, we’ve completely overhauled the user interface of the Worklog Calendar, and are introducing a configurable Suggestions Sidebar to enable team members to tailor information to better suit their needs. Learn all about the Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release right here!

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