Tempo’s new integration with Slack brings time tracking to team collaboration

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REYKJAVIK, Iceland – May 3, 2017 – Tempo, creator of efficiency-enhancing enterprise software solutions for Atlassian’s JIRA platform, today announced Tempo for Slack, integrating Tempo’s powerful end-to-end workflow for team time tracking and management into the Slack collaboration platform.

The new Tempo for Slack app supports the entire time tracking workflow from both team member and team lead viewpoints. Team members can log work, view and submit timesheets for review by directly interacting with Tempo within a message, as well as receive reminders to log work, while team leads are additionally able to manage approvals and send reminders to complete end-of-period timesheets.

“We are pleased to announce this important step forward with the new Slack integration. Tracking and managing time is critical for teams and our goal is for Tempo to provide the most effective and efficient process,” commented Jean-Christophe Huet, Head of Tempo Ecosystem, “Modern software businesses are built around collaboration, so integrating this functionality directly into their collaborative chat-ops tools is the most streamlined way to achieve this.”

“Slack’s UX bots and buttons have allowed us to go beyond time tracking features, to build entire workflows that feel like interactions with the tool, rather than just performing actions with it,” said Arnthor Saevarsson, Product Manager at Tempo, “The recently added new message menus feature has enabled us to offer new ways for users to search for JIRA issues within their chat.”

Further expanding its third party integrations, Tempo is looking to drive a cloud-first approach that includes other popular chat-ops solutions. Currently Tempo also integrates with Atlassian’s HipChat tool, which allows team members to view timesheets and log hours worked directly from the chat window.

To download the free Tempo for Slack app beta visit www.tempo.io/slack or the Slack app directory at https://slack.com/apps/A38V940G5-tempo.


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Tempo develops sophisticated enterprise software solutions that help make work easier and more efficient for software, IT services and core business teams. Tempo has over 10,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small startups to the largest global enterprises such as Amazon, BMW, Pfizer, HomeAway, PayPal, Hulu, Dell, and Disney.

To learn more about Tempo, visit www.tempo.io.

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