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At Tempo we’re always trying to minimize the time it takes our customers to perform vital but tedious tasks. Our Tempo Cloud customers have requested the ability to save generated reports as templates and we are happy to announce that now you can!

Save time with saved reports!

Generating regular reports is a snap! Create custom Tempo reports, save them and then quickly access them from My reports in the Reports overview.

In three easy steps, you can save your reports as templates and instantly save time:

Step 1: Setup your report

Please note, to view worklogs for other team members your Jira Project Administrator must grant you the View all Worklogs permission for each project.

Start by entering Tempo Reports and selecting Custom Report from the list of options. 


Use the date picker to specify the period you want to report on. Use the Filter by menu to select the content for your report, then use the Group by menu to organize the results.

View your results in Grid or List view, then customize your view by adding columns to show other JIRA fields and work attributes as needed.


Once you’ve filtered according to your needs you can go on to the next step.

Step 2: Save your favorite reports and export them as needed

Once you’ve customized your report, simply click the Save as button in the top left corner and give it an appropriate name. 

Your saved reports are added to the reports overview page for quick access.

If you want to publish your report or export the data for further analysis, click the Export button in the top-right corner to export your report to PDF, CSV or XLS or spreadsheet.

Step 3: Revisit your favorite Tempo reports in a flash

Third and final step. You have now successfully created a saved report in Tempo Cloud. Quickly access all of your saved reports listed under My reports in the Reports overview.

Report-OverviewSaved reports can save you time by not having to re-configure the same custom reports time and time again.

Sorting options in the top-right corner of the Tempo Reports allow you to arrange your saved reports by Name, Date created or Last viewed, and in Ascending or Descending orders according to your needs.

And there you go! In three easy steps you’ve created a saved report in Tempo Cloud which you can revisit anytime.

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