Introducing Tempo for Slack: Merging Time Tracking with Conversation

Time tracking in Tempo just got even easier with Tempo for Slack. We know that time tracking is the most powerful when it is as accurate as possible. We also know that recording time shortly after work is complete is not only more accurate, but easier to do.

With this in mind, it seemed only natural to bring your time tracking workflow to the place where many of you communicate and discuss tasks with your teams.

Say hello to Tempo for Slack

With Tempo for Slack, you can now log work on JIRA issues without navigating to Tempo Cloud at all. Simply start interacting directly with the Tempo bot to get your work logged quickly and efficiently.

To log work from our Slack app, all you have to do is start a conversation with Tempo. You can do this either by clicking “Log work” from a list of options, or simply typing “log work” into the message box.

Log Work Tempo for Slack

View timesheet status and submit it in seconds

Another great time-saving feature that the Tempo for Slack app offers, is to be able to view your timesheet status right there in your window. 

Tempo options

Simply click the “Get timesheet” button seen above to get a short overview of the work you’ve logged and see what’s left to complete for the current period.

view timesheet

In addition, if your timesheet is ready to submit, you can submit it to your supervisor in a matter of seconds.

You’re also just a click away from the “My work” page in Tempo Cloud, simply click the blue text to open your timesheet.

See it in action: 

Install Tempo for Slack

You can easily install the Tempo for Slack app directly from the Apps page in Tempo Cloud. Simply navigate to “Apps” in the Tempo sidebar and click “Install” under the Tempo for Slack listing.

apps page tempo for slack

From the Apps page, you can also discover and install our other apps: Tempo Mobile, Tempo for Chrome, and Tempo for HipChat. Customize your time tracking experience with the tools that you use.

What’s coming to Tempo for Slack?

We’ll be regularly updating our app in order to constantly make it better.

The next feature on our list is the ability for team leads to approve their team members’ timesheets as simply and as quickly as their team can submit them.

Stay tuned. 

Tempo for Slack is free and available for active Tempo Cloud for JIRA licenses.

We hope you enjoy conversing with our Slack bot and letting it help you log your work!


Set up Tempo for Slack

Log work from Slack 

Review your timesheet from Slack

Get Tempo for Slack

Visit the Slack app directory to get our app now.

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Marta Schluneger
Marta is the product marketing manager for the Tempo Ecosystem. When not writing, promoting, and optimizing she enjoys running with her dog and drawing imaginary animals.

6 Responses

  1. Bryan Kwon says:

    This is great! Will this be available for on-prem Jira as well?

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Bryan,

      Yes, eventually we plan to have Tempo for slack available for on-premise Jira. As of now though we don’t have a specific release date. We’ve been focusing on the cloud version of slack. Stay tuned here on our blog though for the latest updates on our Tempo products and apps.

      Best regards,
      Tempo Team

      • Daniele Vistalli says:

        Please, please, please… I love this feature but we need it on-prem.

        Thanks for the great quality of Tempo.

        • Bjarki Bjarki says:

          Hi Daniele,

          Glad to hear that you like this feature and thank you for the kind words. I’ll share your feedback with the apps development team.

          Best regards,
          Tempo Team

  2. wodor says:

    It’s promising, but not fully usable. Interactive buttons are nice, but it would be better if the bot would let me log time by using only the keyboard, at least I should be able to respond to dialog questions with text. Killer feature would be if I could say “log 1h30m to TASK-123 at 2017-10-09” and have it done.

    • Marta Schluneger Marta Schluneger says:

      Hi Wodor,

      Thank you for your honest and valuable feedback. We will take this into consideration when planning our feature roadmap.

      Best regards,
      Tempo Team

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