Webinar Recording: Tempo Folio for Multi-Currency Cost Management

Last Thursday we hosted a webinar entitled “Tempo Folio for Multi-Currency Cost Management: What’s new in 10.5?”. This session introduced how to manage costs in multiple currencies with Tempo Folio for JIRA, while showing off the new features from the 10.5 release.

The webinar also includes a short introduction of Tempo as a company, a summary of Tempo Folio’s key features, and a live Q & A session at the end.

For those of you who signed up and were unable to attend, wish to refresh your memory, or simply missed it all together, here’s the full recording:

Top Q & A

How can I see the planned versus actual cost for only one expense type?

You can easily see this information with the budget variance report.

If I want to see, for instance, the planned amount for lunch expenses versus what was spent, how can I do that?

You can easily create a custom field for what kind of expense it is. When you plan or book expenses for lunch, you can easily use this field to choose “lunch”. Once you’ve done this, you can filter the report according to that custom field.

As always, have fun budgeting.

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