Press Release: Tempo Introduces the Gamification of its Enterprise Mobile App for JIRA

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Tempo proudly announces a game-changing gadget for teams to track and follow time, using a revolutionary new feature within the mobile app for Tempo Timesheets.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – April 1, 2016 Tempo, creator of enterprise software solutions for Atlassian’s project and task platform, JIRA, today introduced its newest feature, Tempo Gatchi, an innovative digital pet that makes time tracking easy, fun, and collaborative for JIRA teams. The new gadget is featured in the Tempo mobile app and encourages users to efficiently log their time in JIRA, turning time tracking into a friendly competitive sport among teams.


The Tempo Gatchi gadget empowers Tempo Timesheets users to log work time on time using the Tempo mobile app, and by that, feed their custom digital pet to keep it alive and happy. Additionally, the new feature allows users to compete with their co-workers and view their team’s Tempo Gatchi points with a real-time, in-app leaderboard. Managers can grant rewards to the highest performers at the end of each time period.

“We are excited to finally introduce this feature to the world. We’ve been witnessing a trend with the consumerization of enterprise software, where the end goal is to delight all software users and not simply managers,” says Agust Einarsson, Tempo’s CEO. “Gamifying our mobile time tracking solution to make logging work easy, fun, and collaborative for JIRA teams was therefore a logical conclusion for us. A happy Tempo Gatchi is a happy team.”

Key Benefits of Tempo Gatchi

  • Introduce a way to make time tracking a fun, collaborative team activity.
  • Generate more accurately logged time among your team through the help of a friendly competition.
  • Team members can impress their team leads and justify their value to HR through a happily fed Tempo Gatchi.

Availability and Pricing

Tempo Gatchi is now included in the Tempo mobile app which is available for free downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Learn more about Tempo Gatchi:

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About Tempo

Tempo develops flexible, sophisticated enterprise software solutions that help make work easier and more efficient for software, IT services, and core business teams. Tempo has 7,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small startups to large-scale distributed enterprises, including Amazon, BMW, Pfizer, HomeAway, PayPal, Hulu, Dell, and Disney. To learn more about Tempo, visit

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