Manage User Permissions More Easily Now with Tempo Timesheets for JIRA

Different permissions are provided in Tempo Timesheets and JIRA to enable managers and teams to customize more granularly information that team members can see, depending on their role on that team.

In our latest release of Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server, we’re introducing new permissions to simplify the permission management in Tempo. We’ve also added a simpler way to see invalid worklogs when users submit their timesheets for review.

All permission previously set by your JIRA Admin, will migrate to the new one if applicable.

Let’s take a closer look at the new changes.

Tempo permissions are now with JIRA permissions

A JIRA administrator can configure Tempo’s global permissions. JIRA administrators can now more easily maintain permissions for Tempo Timesheets along with other JIRA permissions. The Tempo Permissions administration section has been removed.

You will manage the Tempo permissions where you manage JIRA permissions – on the JIRA Global Permissions page and the JIRA Project permissions pages.

BeforeAfterWhat changed?
Tempo Administrator's permissionTempo Administrator's permissionThe configuration location
Tempo Team Manager permissionTempo Team Administrators permissionThe configuration location
Tempo Account Manager permissionTempo Account Administrators permissionThe configuration location
Tempo Rate Manager permissionTempo Rate Administrators permissionThe configuration location
Tempo Time Tracking permissionWork On Issues permissionThe configuration location. Also, all JIRA users who have Work On Issues permission for at least one project can access and use Tempo Timesheets
Role to view project worklogsView All Worklogs permissionThe configuration location. Also, only users who were in the role to view project worklogs, automatically have the new View All Worklogs permission. Approve Timesheet permission is no longer sufficient to see the worklogs of team members
User with Approve Timesheet permission can log work for team membersLog Work for Others permissionThe configuration location. Also, users and groups who had the project role to view project worklogs, now have permission to log work for others on issues in the project.
Approve Timesheet permission no longer gives users permission to log work for other users

In Tempo Timesheets, permissions can be granted based on:

  1. Global permissions
  2. Project permissions and roles
  3. Team permissions and roles
  4. Customer and account permissions and roles

For instance, users who create teams in JIRA, e.g. a human resource manager or a development manager, would need a global manage team permission. Team leads and other mid-level management roles that directly manage employees’ logged work efforts need a team-specific permission.

Project-specific permissions are useful for project managers who need to manage all time and effort spent on tasks, issues, stories, and epics associated with specific JIRA Projects.

Read more about how to grant different permission in Tempo Timesheets here.

Improvements to the timesheet approval process

Not familiar with the timesheet approval process? Enabling Tempo Timesheets’ approvals process is easy, here’s how!

Most organizations that enable the timesheet approval process in Tempo Timesheets find it very valuable to its purpose – you can make sure that teams are spending their time on the right tasks, while ensuring that they are logging their work for customer billing, payroll purposes etc.


In our latest release, timesheets reviewers will see fewer or none invalid worklogs. It saves time for reviewers and for team members submitting their timesheets, as they instantly see if there is something that needs a second look (the screenshot above).

How does that work?

When you submit your timesheet from the Worklog Calendar, you are now notified of any invalid worklogs and can correct them. Hence, lesser invalid worklogs for both you and your reviewer – it’s a win-win situation!

Quickly review, approve, or reject timesheets with Tempo Timesheets for #JIRA. 

Read more about improvements and fixes in Tempo Timesheets 8.1 for JIRA Server here. 

Also, please read about proactive actions before upgrading

If you’re not yet using Tempo Timesheets, explore the new features yourself for 30 days.

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