Manage and Track Internal Work with Internal Issues

Tempo Timesheets is a time tracking tool for everyone, in every organization, in real-time. Tempo Timesheets offers a better overview of work time for better efficiency and planning, as well as for client billing, accounting, and payroll. With time tracking at its core, Tempo Timesheets offers a variety of reporting features and planning options for team members, teams, and managers. A free mobile app, available for Android and iOS,  makes logging time in JIRA simple and hassle-free.

This post is one of series of blog posts highlighting the features of Tempo Timesheets, how Tempo Timesheets extends JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core. and how they benefit different teams and stakeholders across your organization. This blog post will focus on the usage of internal issues within an organization.

Let’s start off by distinguishing the difference between Internal Issues and Internal Activities in Tempo Timesheets. Internal Issues refer to JIRA issues that users will log work against (i.e., by creating worklogs) in Tempo to account for work time that is common across an entire business, These may be distinguishable from epics, stories, issues, tasks, and sub-tasks that project teams track work against for team-specific deliverables. Examples of internal issues are sick time, vacations, meetings, parental leave, and travel time. Internal Activities are used for planning and allocating internal time that a business needs to account for — vacation time, for instance.With resource management and planning, teams can plan on many of these events as well. Planning on internal things and project related tasks, managers can quickly determine whether team members will be available for work at a given time. Team members can either plan their own time or a manager can do it for them.Organizations that wish to be able to plan and allocate time relating to internal issues should configure Internal Activities as well.

Internal issues enable product development, professional services, and IT teams to manage and track internal work time, such as sick days, meetings, training, travel, and vacation time. This feature aims to help team leads, team members, account managers, project managers, and executives.

Tracking internal issues, can benefit team leads who want to manage and keep track of how much time is being spent on these issues by each user, or team member.

The company creates a JIRA project for internal issues that spans across teams so the company can roll up this data and use it for accounting and payroll purposes. Then, teams are assigned to the projects in the Tempo teams space. 

Here’s an example of an JIRA project for internal issues for a company. This company has currently five different internal issues for it’s employees, Management, Staff Meetings, Sick Time, Internal Training – English for foreigners, and Vacation time. A Tempo administrator can configure and create additional internal issues at any given time.


Report on the data from the work logged on the internal issues, which can be used for accounting and pay-roll purposes.


Here’s an example where an employee is submitting a request to his supervisor for days off. The employee sets the day or period that he or she wishes to have off and fills out an optional description or message to the supervisor.


The supervisor can then accept, edit or reject the request.


Here’s a more detailed post about vacation planning in Tempo Timesheets

The main goal for internal issues in Tempo is to group together common issues so users can easily access those issues and log work on them without spending some time in finding them in JIRA.


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8 Responses

  1. dovid says:

    Terrible! nothing can be see at this fonts level and when zoom in to see screenshot – text becomes huge!

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Dovid,

      That’s strange we’ve looked at this blog post from a number of different computers and it looks to be fine. Maybe try a different browser? We could send you a copy of the blog post in a high resolutions .pdf document if you would like that? If so then please send us an email at

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,

  2. Jean-Philippe Lavertu says:

    Email notification does not contain an hyperlink where the supervisor can click and be redirected to the user’s planned time like for the timesheet approval. Feature has been requested and asked for 2 years. Still missing. It would be great if it was added.

    • Leifur Leifur says:

      Hi Jean-Philippe,

      We are aware of this issue and we have been looking into different ways to redesign and improve this process, a hyperlink in the e-mail notifications is among those things we are looking into.

      Best regards,

  3. Domingo says:


    I’m asking this again as I don’t know if last time went in. Basically I only managed to see something like:
    Issue1: 5 hours
    User1: 1 hour on Monday
    User1: 1 hour on Tuesday
    User2: 1 hour on Wednesday
    User2: 1 hour on Thursday
    User2: 1 hour on Friday

    But I would need the subtotals in the report included without me having to export to excel and then calculate them. Something like
    Issue1: 5 hours
    —>User1 total: 2 hours
    User1: 1 hour on Monday
    User1: 1 hour on Tuesday
    —>User2 total: 3 hours
    User2: 1 hour on Wednesday
    User2: 1 hour on Thursday
    User2: 1 hour on Friday

    Is this possible with the current version of the plugin?

  4. Reddy says:

    The video at the end of document is unavailable!

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Reddy,

      Thank you for reporting this to us. The video has been removed due to changes in the product. If you have any further questions regarding the internal issues or Tempo in general, please feel free to contact our helpdesk and we’ll assist you in any way we can:

      Best regards,

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