3 Ways to Spend Your Remaining 2016 Budget

With just some weeks left in 2016, it may feel like a burden to find an effective way to spend your remaining budget–especially if you can’t bring it over to the new year.

Here are 3 ways to spend your remaining 2016 budget:

1. Invest in team development

Your best investment may very much lie in the people within the organization. In our latest e-book, agile guru Nicholas Muldoon said that continuous learning is a key aspect in maintaining strong teams.

Learning can come in many forms:

  1. Carrying our retrospectives in a coffee shop, for example. It can be difficult to get the team to open up in a traditional setting. When you open up, you learn more on how to work together or build relationships among teams. Always experiment with new processes.
  2. Back to school: Never stop learning. It can be holding a book club where people commit to reading one chapter a week and discussing or paying for tuition to external and/or online training.

Your team members bring more value to the team as they learn and grow.

2. Invest in effective tools

Assuming you have completed a review of the year and are ready to plan for 2017, why not consider investing in some effective tools such as Tempo to help you gain a better overview with accurate data and plan for the upcoming year?

In our recent podcast, Amanda Babb from Præcipio Consulting shared her insights on Earned Value Management as well as Tempo’s role in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

We’ve also touched on 4 things to remember when planning for the quarter of the new year in this latest blog post as well.

When implemented right, tools can be extremely cost saving. If you have been facing challenges with your projects, we can help you get back on track in a jiffy.

Believe it or not, even Darth Vader could put the Death Star project back on track with Tempo!  

light saber graphic

3. Invest in early-bird tickets to conferences in 2017

Last but not least, you could also consider investing in early-bird tickets to conferences in 2017. Conferences are great for learning and networking. After all, this boils down to point #1: Learning.

And this is only good.

3 ways to spend your remaining 2016 budget

Better and Stronger Together

Strong teams and effective tools complement each other in achieving magnificent results. That huge milestone you’ve set your mind on? It’s really not that far away.

It’s worth investing the remaining of your 2016 budget in preparing your team to be better and stronger. After all, you can’t really go wrong with a clear overview of your projects, transparency throughout the organization, and happy team members!

Ready to set sail into 2017?

Read more: Starz successfully saved more than $500,000 since implementing Tempo to manage time against project.

Get started with Tempo today!

Start a new year with better overview of all your teams and projects.

Serena Chan
Serena’s a writer by day and a dancer by night. When she is doing neither of those, she can be found doing a little bit of everything else from reading, designing, talking to the neighbor’s puppy, trying to fix her broken typewriter to failing miserably at latte art.

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