Webinar Recording: What’s New in Tempo Books 1.3 for JIRA release?

Tempo Books 1.3 for JIRA

Last week we broadcasted a short webinar for Tempo Books in light of our latest release, Tempo Books 1.3 for JIRA Server. We provided a short introduction to Tempo and Tempo Books, demoed what’s new in our 1.3 release, and discussed our future roadmap. We were happy to see how many of you were able to attend the webinar and hope that you found it useful! All webinar recordings and training videos are available here. 

A full recording of the Tempo Books 1.3 for JIRA webinar can be found here below:

As this webinar highlights the new features of Tempo Books for JIRA but if you feel like you need more training on Tempo Books and/or more information about Tempo Books, we do recommend the product walkthroughs that Tempo’s customer advocates are facilitating. Tempo Books’ walkthrough is called “Account Management” where Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets are used to explain the features of Tempo Books on top of JIRA better.

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