Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: See How Much Time Team Members Spend on Issues Within Epics

Did you know that in Tempo Timesheets for JIRA there’s an easy way to see how much the time spent on issues within an epic, including how much time each team member has logged on each issue. This is done by using the Advanced Timesheets in Tempo Timesheets.

To access the Advanced Timesheet, you have to have a Browse Projects permission in JIRA.

The Advanced Timesheet is one of the features that makes Tempo Timesheets so flexible in terms of reporting. It allows you to generate reports on basically anything in JIRA by utilizing JIRA filters. To get an overview of time spent on a specific epic, you have to start by creating a filter in JIRA.

Creating a JIRA filter

In this case, we want to get an overview of time spent on an epic for our Tango 2.0 version that our GreenCloud Tango team has been working on. We start off by creating a new JIRA filter, either with Basic or Advanced filtering.

For Basic filtering we select:

  • Tango OnDemand under projects
  • Epic under type, and  in progress under status
  • Finally we want to see the epics for Tango 2.0, so we select Fix Version from the More dropdown and type Tango 2.0
  • We save the filter (in this case we save the filter as Tango 2.0)

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month pic 1

If we know the epic key, we can use a JQL filter in JIRA. First,we create a filter using the “Epic Link” JQL to find issues within the TO-15 epic. We then save the filter (we save the filter as Tango 2.0).

Use: “Epic Link” = TO-15

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month pic 2

Creating a report in Advanced Timesheets

Having saved the JQL filter, we open up the Advanced Timesheet. The Tempo top navigation Timesheets option, opens the User Timesheet and from there you can navigate to the Advanced Timesheet.

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month pic 3


In the Advanced Timesheet we select our newly created filter, Tango 2.0, and select the Report View, and adjust the period (if needed).

Here’s how you search for and select the Tango 2.0 Filter:

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month pic 4

Selecting the Report view:

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month pic 5

The Advanced Timesheet Report view:

Tempo Timesheets Tip of the month: pic 6

And there you have it! This is how you use a JIRA filter and the Advanced Timesheet to create a report on time spent on issues within an epic. If you want to include more epics, you can select more epics when creating your filter and save it.

Make sure you’re fully utilizing your Tempo instance and stay tuned to our blog for more neat tips and tricks on using our Tempo suite of add-ons for Atlassian’s JIRA.




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10 Responses

  1. Bjarni Thor says:

    Thanks for the informative article.
    While very interesting and useful, I would like to be able to select more than one Epic and see times spent broken down by Epics.
    Is there any way to do that?

    Bjarni Thor

    • Leifur Leifur says:

      Hi Bjarni,

      Yes you can, we just chose to use a single Epic for the blog post. When you create the filter, you can select as many Epics as you like and run the report to see time spent broken down within each Epic.

  2. […] Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: See How Much Time Team Members Spend on Issues Within Epics […]

  3. Very nice workaround.

    However, what we really need is a report where time is aggregated by Epics, as requested at https://tempoplugin.jira.com/browse/TT-1189

    • Steinunn says:

      Hi Enrique

      Thanks for reaching out to us and for your comment. I will push for an update on your request.

      Have a nice day!

  4. Janos says:

    Very useful article!

    I would suggest to show the different epics (epic links) for the issues. Unfortunately, when two or more epics are added to the filter, the issues are not grouped by epics on the report. Hence, it’s a bit confusing which issue belongs to which epic.

  5. sachin says:

    I would like to know will this be possible for Tempo cloud

    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Sachin,

      This is currently possible for Tempo Cloud. You can create a similar JIRA filter for issues within an epic. You can do a JQL search by using “Epic Link” = project name and epic number. Example “Epic link” = AB-5 (AB is initials for project and 5 is the number of the epic).

      You’d only have to make sure that you choose the correct filter you’ve created in the “Filter by sections” in the Reports in Tempo.

      If you need any further assistance please contact our Helpdesk team and we’ll gladly assist you in any way we can.

      Best regards,

  6. Hi,

    I need a report of time aggregated by EPIC as per request dating back to 2013 and comments above. I’m assuming you have no plans to configure this or cannot do it due to technical or JIRA constraint. Would greatly appreciate a straight answer.



    • Bjarki Bjarki says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      Yes, if I understand you correctly, you can get a report of time aggregated by EPIC for a long period but only as a Report view if the period is long. Please note that you won’t be able to view this data in the Timesheet view as it only allows you to view two months at a time.

      In order to do this you have to take the following steps:

      So select Advanced timesheet > Pick the epic filter you have created > Select to view the timesheet as a Report > Choose the appropriate date period from the date navigation (can be a long period).

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk team.

      Best regards,

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